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We’ve installed a lot of shutters, so if you’ve got a question for us – we’ve probably heard it before. Check out our answers to some of the most common questions we get below. 

If we haven’t answered it here, give us a call to discuss it. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Only if you want them to! Our aluminium shutters have been intelligently designed so you can open the slats and let daylight in through perforations in the aluminium. You’ll still get the added security, noise protection and insulation from your aluminium shutter, with the flexibility to blackout the light or let the natural light filter through.

If you’d prefer to blackout the light completely, external aluminium shutters are your best choice. Interior blinds are great at blocking out most of the light, but there are small gaps around the edges of the blinds that do let some light filter through. Aluminium shutters extend beyond the window, so these gaps don’t exist. The blackout effect of aluminium shutters is much more complete than it is from interior blinds.

Yes! Aluminium roller shutters insulate against the heat in summer and keep the cold out during winter. Australian electricity prices have skyrocketed over the past decade and the 2018 Grattan Report states that these high prices are the new normal. 

Recent Australia household electricity prices

Source: ABS (2015) cat no 6401, Consumer Price Index, Australia

Residents of New South Wales pay the third highest price for their electricity out of all Australians. 

Given that Australians spent about $4.6 billion keeping cool in 2018 (according to Finder), any reduction in cooling use is bound to be accompanied by a reduction on your power bill. 

Roller shutters can help you reduce the amount of time spent with the cooling on during summer. This can translate to a reduction of approximately $100 per month to your power bill. Couple that with savings made during winter and it’s easy to see that aluminium roller shutters will save you money.

Better still, your aluminum roller shutters will help reduce your carbon footprint. So they’re good for your hip pocket and for the planet. They’re a simple change that you can feel good about.

Depending on the brand of the components used, our shutters can keep out up to 80% of the cold. The roller shutters keep a layer of air between the window and the shutter, so heat loss in cold weather is significantly reduced. 

They can reduce heat by up to 90%. What this means in practical terms is that you’ll spend less time with your air conditioning unit on when the roller shutters are down. Some of our clients suggest that their air conditioning usage more than halved after their custom made Comfort Shutters were installed.

Aluminium roller shutters are one of the most effective products on the market when it comes to blocking out light. The edges of our made to measure roller shutters extend beyond the edges of the window, blocking out all the natural light when they’re completely lowered. You should expect about 99% of the light to be blocked out.

Shift workers rely on our aluminium roller shutters to get their 8-hours shuteye during daylight hours. New parents love the effect our shutters have on their newborns sleep. Movie buffs and gamers also love the total blackout effect of our roller shutters.


Yes, by up to 50%. Aluminium shutters are able to reduce the amount of noise that enters the house through the windows. They add an extra layer of insulating protection from the world outside – including trains, planes, and cars. 

Custom Shutters makes your shutters to measure. They’ll fit so noise can’t creep in through the sides. You do need to bear in mind that Comfort’s aluminum shutters only insulate against sound coming in through the window. Noise seeping in through other parts of the house won’t be reduced.

Our bushfire shutters will also help to block out the noise. In fact, our heroal bushfire shutters are the only flame zone bushfire shutters in Australia rated for noise suppression.

Yes, we are equipped to install manual and electric roller shutters. Electric roller shutters are a great addition for those seeking optimal flexibility for their bushfire shutters or aluminium roller shutters. The electric roller shutters can be connected to your smartphone, so you can adjust your shutters from wherever you are. 

Our electric roller shutters are hardwired to the property’s mains electricity. They are extremely quiet and energy efficient – making them the perfect addition to your home or business.

For business owners, electric roller shutters offer that extra piece of mind. You can check that your staff have closed the shutters at the end of the workday from wherever you are. No site visits necessary. That’s right – you can help ward off criminals who might otherwise target your business from the comfort of your own home. 

For homeowners, having electric roller shutters can mean the difference between arriving home to a cool house on a hot summer’s day or a house that’s stuffy and uncomfortable. With electric roller shutters, you can open up your shutters to let some cool evening air circulate through your home before you get there. Potentially saving you hundreds on your cooling costs each month. 

Yes, our lockable aluminium roller shutters are known to be effective in the prevention of break-and-enter crimes. They act as a frontline physical barrier between your property and the would-be thieves. Windows are an easy target for thieves looking for a point of entry. Protecting your windows with roller shutters removes this, making your property a much harder target. In fact, the very sight of roller shutters is enough to deter most criminals.

We also manufacture and install internal roller shutters designed to protect shop displays and counters. 

We rely on aluminium for our roller shutters because it’s incredibly strong for its weight. It offers balance between competing factors: aesthetics, security, your carbon footprint, and easy use.

In addition to protection against home invasions and burglaries, Aluminium roller shutters also offer you protection from the weather, insects, and prying eyes.

Not quite. Tests have shown that aluminium shutters can perform well in fire situations, shielding windows from cracking and preventing flame coming into the home, but not all aluminium shutters have undergone the rigorous testing required of flame zone bushfire shutters.

Some companies suggest that people meet their BAL-Flame Zone building requirements using BAL-40 rated aluminium shutters combined with another shutter or bushfire windows. We’re equipped to install bushfire shutters that are compliant with Australia’s rising standards for properties in the BAL-FZ. 

The BAL-FZ compliant shutters we use are also the only bushfire rated shutters in Australia that are thermal insulated and tested for noise suppression. Almost anything that normal aluminium roller shutters can do, our bushfire flame zone shutters can do it better. 

Yes, we haven’t found a window that we couldn’t fit in all our years of operation.  This is as true for commercial properties as it is for residential properties. 

We have worked on a wide range of commercial work spaces, ranging from shops to office buildings and factories. We’ve provided specialised commercial roller shutter solutions for shop counters, serveries, trucks, trailers and schools.

Get in touch with us even if you’re looking for something not listed here. We love new challenges! And after more than 25 years, we’re still on the hunt for a roller shutter problem that we can’t solve.

For insulating your home, shielding you from daylight and protecting your home from bushfires, yes! Interior blinds and plantation shutters let light and heat through your window, but then partially block and reflect the light and heat back out the window. The light and heat still creep in around the edges of your plantation shutters and interior shutters. 

Exterior shutters, on the other hand, block heat and light from entering the window entirely. The edges of our exterior shutters extend beyond the edges of the window. So the reduction in heat, noise, cold and daylight is much more complete. This is also highly beneficial when it comes to keeping potential burglars out of your property. Windows are seen by many criminals as a weak spot in your property’s defences. Exterior roller shutters act as a deterrent and as a line of defence. 

Finally, interior blinds and plantation shutters also won’t protect your Blue Mountains property in the event of a bushfire. Installing bushfire shutters rated for BAL-40 or BAL-FZ is the best way to protect your windows in the event of a bushfire. Properties are often destroyed when embers fly into them after their windows have blown out due to the radiant heat. Our custom made flame zone shutters will help to prevent this from occurring.

Our bushfire shutters are durable enough to withstand most of Australia’s weather events, so they’ll protect your home no matter what’s thrown at them. 

Yes. We source materials from global industry leaders, including Australia’s top brands, so it’s likely that we already have whatever has been recommended to you. In the event that we don’t stock that brand – we’ll get it. 

Our tradespeople are all experienced and are more than happy to recommend the best type of shutter available for your needs. We only employ tradies, not salespeople, so when you speak with us – you’ll get honest advice from a practical standpoint. Not from someone who needs to meet sales quotas or who gets commissions for pushing particular products.

Not a problem at all! We make our roller shutters to measure, so we’re able to offer shutters tailored completely to your needs. In 25 years, there has never been a shutter we haven’t been able to fit.

Your business means the world to us so we never contract out our work. We only trust our own tradespeople to represent Comfort Shutters with pride so we rely on a team of dedicated staff to install our shutters. Our in-house tradesmen have been handpicked for their values, expertise and experience.

Yes! We stock an extensive range of shutter components from the leading brands around the world. These components come in a wide range of colours, styles and designs – so we’re confident that we can find a shutter you’ll love. 

These components are then custom manufactured by us. Your shutters are designed and manufactured specifically to fit your property. Our qualified and experienced tradies will make sure that your aluminium shutters or bushfire shutters are clean cut, tidy and perfectly suited to your property.

There’s no need for the shutters that protect your property to be ugly. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can beautify, secure and protect your property with Comfort Shutters.

Yes. We stock components in a wide range of premade colours. If those don’t match your existing decor, we do powder coating so your custom shutters meet your exact colour needs. 

Many of the brands we stock are coated with sustainable, environmentally-friendly components. Just another box you can tick with Comfort Shutters.

While we started in Penrith, Western Sydney, we haven’t stayed just there. We’re happy to offer our services to anyone in New South Wales.  

We’ve been doing plenty of work in the Blue Mountains recently – after we got our accreditation from the Blue Mountains City Council for installing bushfire shutters. (We’re the only ones with this accreditation to date!) If you’re in the Blue Mountains or other area of New South Wales with BAL-40 or BAL-FZ ratings, give us a call. We’re experts in fitting bushfire shutters.

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